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Charly, who founded The Dating Awards, claims that frames are still seen as a novelty feature which can leave people feeling insecure and ‘geeky’.

After all, we know there are plenty of short-sighted celebrities – but how many of them (particularly women) wear their frames in public? ‘I never used to like photos of myself with my glasses on and, when it came to dating, I’d never include photos of me in my glasses,’ says Charly. It took me a long time to embrace being a glasses-wearer, but when I did, I was surprised by how many people told me I look more attractive wearing them!

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She never shies away from eye-catching colors or prints, and it's clear that more than anything she has fun with fashion.

Lyn Slater has a knack for showing off eye-catching, quirky pieces, but her styling never feels over the top.

In other words, they’ve had to make the effort to see you.

You’d better be better be worth it, you lucky duck. Men in their 50s see Clarkson as their style muse Expect old fleeces and basics jeans on a first date. Men in their 50s can still be players But now they’re trying to cheat on their wife, not just their girlfriend. Men in their 50s run the gauntlet with their hair transplants While we all lose our looks as we get older, it’s still sad to know he’ll never look as good as Calum Best with his. Men in their 50s often have suspiciously long gaps between relationships He says he was a single father, although you suspect he may have just been watching About A Boy last night. Men in their 50s don’t often like change What do you mean you want dinner at a different pub? Men in their 50s prioritise their kids This is great. …But this doesn’t mean they won’t pay for their half of dinner with a voucher they found online.

Just take one peek at these seven awesome trendsetters, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

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Dating when you’re over 50 puts you in a whole different category.

SPEX, set up by dating industry expert Charly Lester, is a dating site for single glasses-wearers and ‘those who find glasses-wearers attractive’.

That might sound like a niche sexual preference, but according to the site, over 50% of the UK population wear glasses.