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All other spies' covers have been rumpled up, and the only spies left undercover are those still being trained, including those still enrolled in school.To reach their base 230 feet below the school, they slide a light switch across which reveals a finger print scanner lock.I.9 who have to balance their school life with their jobs as secret agents.The line-up of spies has altered between the show's seven series.

As such, Josh antagonizes Dexter through much of the series, until he finally accepts his presence and labels him as an "honorary Carter brother".As one child said in response to a survey on the children's website CBBC: "Adults can be very stupid at times.Kids should be allowed to experiment and try things. Families can take part in a wide range of free activities including interactive animation workshops, and meet some of the big names that made it happen.Funded by Legacy Trust , the film has been brought together by Tate and the creative magic of Aardman Animations.