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That was in contrast to the reaction the group received when Left Eye died in 2002, T-Boz said."When Lisa first passed, so many people, especially ones you wouldn't think would turn on us, kind of counted us out, but her passing didn't really hinder our ability to sing and dance, and our talent didn't leave, we just lost a group member," she said.

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My 22 year old is getting ready to move into his first apartment on his own, so he’s saving all his nickels and dimes to furnish his new place.

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Son was obviously 'happy.' I shut the door and leave immediately. On arrival, we walked into the supported living area and went up to the flat. We had neighbors but there were only about 5 or 6 houses within a mile of us. ' 'Don't know, but she's come over about four or five times this year.' We never talked about it again but to this day I'll never forget what she looked like that night.

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A powerful honest reflection of the very personal life experiences of the performers. The stories breathe new life into very real issues still facing women today, across generational and social boundaries.