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I don’t like writing and wasn’t happy that Kate kept asking questions, but she turned me around.

My profile was better than I expected, yet it was all me.

Here are excerpts from my online dating profile examples so that you can see some of the techniques yourself. Though I do love it, it won’t keep me from making time for you and your interests.Indeed, theres something that you gain in the sky that the plains dont offer you.And its not just elevation."should have is a brief, glad mention of your hobbies. Are you trying to find your feet at salsa or are up again on this leg-fest after a hiatus? Are you shaping up for that cherished marathon, you thought you will never participate in or complete?The other obvious flaw is the grammatical errors make the owner of the profile look like an uneducated buffoon. Good Example # 2 Originally from Australia, I’ve been living in the U. I love to learn about new places, people and cultures.People on social media sites seem to hone in on grammatical errors so it is advised to use spell and grammar check when writing your online profile. I’m the father of a grown son who is off at college. Wow, that sounds new age, but I’m very down to earth I like to read a lot and keep up with many things–politics, social issues, culture, travels, people.