The dating game butt

For all the positive impact Quinn’s work in online security has had, it’s hard to fault her decision to change tack to a game this fucking bonkers: The two creatives’ collaboration will come as no surprise to anyone who’s played her wide range of short comedy games.

The two share an anarchic sense of humour, and it seems logical that Quinn would be the one to adapt Tingle’s work into a game.

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It has been said that people have only two desires, to love and to be loved. So television smiled down upon the loveless masses and gave unto them the dating game show.

After only a few minutes of questions and some gentle ribbing from host Jim Lange, the bachelorette would choose one suitor to accompany her on a network-provided dream date (with a network-provided chaperone, naturally), while the duds received “lovely parting gifts,” that classic game show kiss-off.

developer and anti-harassment crusader Zoe Quinn is developing a video game with erotica author and internet icon Chuck Tingle.

Tingle is known for his tongue-in-cheek bizarre brand of satirical internet erotica that features dinosaurs, yetis, and plenty of 'buckaroos'. We're talking erotica with titles like: And that list is only a small sampling of Tingle's library of over 100 erotic novels on Amazon.

His books are also famous for covers featuring half naked men with dinosaur heads, gorilla heads, and unicorn heads. Chuck Tingle and Quinn became known as internet friends and allies of a sort by sharing a solidarity in face of hate groups like Gamergate.

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The announcement came via a ten-minute VICE documentary that gives an overview of the game, its creative process, and Zoe Quinn herself.

It’s definitely worth a watch - more for the pelvic thrusting unicorn cop and excited, enthusiastic creative team than for the inevitable mention of Gamer Gate and its legacy.