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The left-hander they call The Machine is far from bonkers but he does have bipolar depression and makes no secret of his stays at the Priory."I figure if I make a joke out of it, other people can't. Because although attitudes to mental illness have come a long way, James says: "There are still frustrations.I do get called some horrible things when I am playing.“Nope,” James said when asked if that was the case. but it makes more sense for me to go south than go west.Of more concern to Clevelanders was James’ visit to Miami, where he hung out with good friend and former teammate Wade, a potential playoff opponent this year. A., but I’ll take 2 ½ (hours of flight time to Miami) over 4 ½ (flight to Los Angeles). But I go because I want to.” The sight of he and Wade working out together is the last thing Cavs fans want to see, especially since James continues to sign one-year contracts with Cleveland and because he has left his home state before.That's not fair."However there are also moments when he knows that talking about his mental illness has made a difference."People come up to me at a tournament or venue, even players, and say: 'I am really grateful to you for speaking about it.His fiancée, Samantha Marsh, a former darts walk-on girl he met on the tour, continues to be his rock."Without her I wouldn't be where I am at the moment.James Wade is a true master of his trade....a darting craftsman. He is one of the very best players of the modern era and is surely destined to become a World Champion.

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I did it for me and my family."It was just five words from his dad - "I want my son back" - which persuaded James to sign himself into the Priory for treatment for a second time.

There are shouts of: 'Why don't you go back to a mental asylum?

' And placards declaring: 'You're a nutter.'" As he says: "You can't call someone racial names but you can still call someone a nutter.

Whilst brand awareness is important to us though, this partnership is all our real, straightforward, common sense approach to doing business, and we have chosen James because he has a genuine passion for cars and the automotive business.

James is a qualified mechanic who still owns a garage, and despite his huge success in the sport he still spends his spare time working on customers’ cars.