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The 90s should not be pushed to the side because it was the decade to release some great films.We have Savini’s remake of films in one set and they were kind enough to send one my way. **Spoiler Alert**The film follows Alexandra (Lauren) who works as an appraiser for a jeweler when someone brings in a rare gem.At school, she endures her classmates' constant ridicule, and at home she suffers endless psychological torture at the hands of her fanatically religious mother (Patricia Clarkson, Six Feet Under). She's been cursed with the terrifying power of telekinesis.And when her tormenters commit an act of unforgivably cruel humiliation at the prom, they'll soon learn a deadly lesson.The photo of Zak, Starbuck, and Apollo in the door of Starbuck's locker at on the Blu-ray is supposed to be the same one seen earlier in "Flight", but the previous actor standing in for Zak ( Some of the pilot recruits brought in from the civilian fleet are referred to as "boonie jumpers" by Starbuck. At on the Blu-ray, we see the framed photo of Adama with the young boys, Lee and Zak, given to him by his crew in "Humanity's Children". This episode reveals that not only were Zak and Starbuck lovers, they had become engaged to be married.At the end of the episode Starbuck and a tenacious Cylon Raider shoot each other down over a moon.August 8, 2017 Download Podcast RSS In the first segment, Dr. William Meurer about their Neurology® Clinical Practice article on ER physician use of the test and treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

Early on in my filmmaking career I teamed up with a fellow aspiring filmmaker named Maureen Prentice, although neither of us really remembers how that came to be.Taking its inspiration from King’s book rather than the original film, Carrie was written by Bryan Fuller (TV's Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) and stars Emilie de Ravin (Lost), Katharine Isabelle (See No Evil 2, Ginger Snaps) and Chelan Simmons (Tucker & Dale Vs. THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 In this horrifying 1999 sequel, Rachel (Emily Bergl, The Knick) is a high school misfit who gets caught in the middle of a vicious prank orchestrated by a group of jocks that turns deadly.Once the police bring one of the boys in for questioning, his teammates target Rachel for squealing, and hatch a devious scheme to publicity humiliate her.When she starts appraising it she accidentally unleashes an evil djinn who must grant her three wishes to obtain her soul.He tricks her into making three wishes but when she refuses to make the third he starts attacking family and friends forcing her to take action and stop him before everyone she knows and loves is destroyed.**Spoiler Alert** is one of those films that has a lot going for it and delivers on the gore but the overall film is rather boring and lackluster.